Stories engraved in wood

The place where you were born, where you fell in love or that place which makes your heart skip a beat. Search, zoom and make it your own. Easily engrave your hotspots, memories or adventures in wood.

Create your own design

Your story

Pan, zoom and personalise it yourself. You decide what will be engraved in wood. From your own street to your favorite city. With custom titles and hotspots your map will truly be yours.

Create your own design

Your design, we'll do the rest
How Hood&Wood works:


Design a map

  • Pan and zoom
  • Add your own text
  • Add your own hotspots

Custom made

  • Order it online
  • Engraved in wood
  • Easily hangable

Admire it very soon

  • Shipped within 1-3 working days
  • Easily hangable
  • Gift ready

The perfect gift

We all appreciate thoughtfull and personal gifts. Hood&Wood is the perfect way to remind that one special person what is really important. Experiences, memories and adventures.

Create your own design

Product details

  • Dimensions 40 x 50 cm
  • Thickness 6 millimeter
  • Material Calibrated birchwood
  • Depth 0,5 millimeter
  • Methods Lasercutting and engraving
  • Production The Netherlands
  • Including free hanging system
  • Free shipment within the Netherlands
Create your own design

Be inspired
Discover houses with citymaps

Giving something back

Incredible products without the world sufferering from them. For each order we plant a tree via the Plant a Billion Trees project.

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Laser sharp details

Each map is custom made, especially for you. Thanks to advanced lasercutting every detail is very sharp.

Create your own design

Maps made of wood

That includes knots and veins. The raw properties of the material make every Hood&Wood unique. No map is the same!

Create your own design
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